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  1. Fri January 18th, 2019
  2. Coinfomania

    Grayscale investment fund has added another cryptocurrency to its already growing list of investment options, and this time it is the Stellar Lumen (XLM) token

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  3. BeInCrypto

    Stellar Lumens will be the ninth single-asset investment option for the Grayscale Investment Firm, in an attempt to attract new investors.

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  4. Blockspoint

    Grayscale Investments launched Grayscale Stellar Lumens Trust, which works exclusively with Stellar

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  5. Thu January 17th, 2019
  6. NewsBTC + 6 more
  7. BCFocus

    The New York-based crypto asset investment firm Grayscale Investments announced on Thursday that it has launched a new single asset fund dedicated to Stellar, the native asset of the Stellar network, called the Grayscale Stellar Lumens Trust, according to a press release. This latest offering is the ninth single asset...

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  8. Fri January 11th, 2019
  9. ZenCash

    Horizen and Cripto Conserje hosted a New Year’s dinner on December 31st for Venezuelan Refugees in Cúcuta, Colombia, to celebrate the coming of the new year.Horizen and Cripto Conserje have worked together closely over the last few months to help combat the Venezuelan refugee crisis by providing paper wallets and...

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  10. Tue January 8th, 2019
  11. BCFocus

    Ethereum Classic [ETC] has undergone a 51% according to Etherchain, the Blockchain explorer. The report stated that there was "a successful

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  12. Tue January 1st, 2019
  13. ZenCash

    Our theme for 2018 was an expansion with a special focus on radical usability, transparency, and innovation. All while growing our team to a full-stack professional team.  We are building a network alternative to the “internet” and you are part of this change!While the cryptocurrency market experienced a significant correction...

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  14. Fri December 28th, 2018
  15. BitcoinNews

    Cripto Conserje and US company Horizen have combined to create an education program for Venezuelan refugees fleeing the country to neighboring Columbia.

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  16. FinanceMagnates

    Cripto Conserje has partnered with Delaware-headquartered Horizen to fight the increasing Latin American refugee crisis and help the affected communities.

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  17. Thu December 27th, 2018
  18. ZenCash

    To Celebrate the Release of Sphere by Horizen, We Are Giving Away $100 Worth of ZEN to Three Lucky Winners! We love Sphere by Horizen and we hope you do too! To celebrate this exciting event we are giving away $100 of ZEN to three lucky participants of the Flagship App...

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  19. Fri December 21st, 2018
  20. ZenCash

    New ZEN software (2.0.16) soon available for download. A new version of ZEN (2.0.16) is scheduled for release on January 2nd, 2019. All mining pools, node operators, and full node wallet users must upgrade to ZEN 2.0.16 prior to block 449312, which will occur around January 18th. ZEN 2.0.16 replaces...

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  21. Mon December 17th, 2018
  22. CryptoNinjas

    Horizen, the privacy-oriented blockchain technology platform, has relea...

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  23. ZenCash

    Horizen is really excited to announce the release of Sphere By Horizen (Beta) - a cutting edge flagship application! Sphere By Horizen is a launching point for most Horizen services. To start, it supports both transparent and private transactions. The wallet is deterministic, meaning if you lose your account, you...

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  24. Fri December 14th, 2018
  25. ZenCash

    The Beginning The first earnings period for Secure Nodes started on December 15th, 2017. Almost 3,000 nodes shared 3.5% of the block reward. Our network quickly grew to ⅓ the size of Bitcoin’s because we allowed node operators to participate in the block rewards by running full nodes and staking...

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  26. ZenCash

    Horizen社区和团队已经做在这个项目上完成了许多工作,已逐步将Horizen建立一个成功的加密货币项目! 从一开始,财政部的资金就用于软件开发、项目研究,团队建设和用户参与中,旨在为世界带来独特的创新。 由IOHK联合打造的财务治理系统,现已完成了大部分研究和建模,并已准备好实施。 财政部应用程序、分布式节点跟踪、支付系统、对第三方开发人员的SDK、以及即将运行的侧链都在有条不紊地开发。 旗舰应用APP –  Sphere by Horizen 即将发布。 来自Zcash的zk-SNARK 改进将被整合。 IOHK的BlockDAG研究已基本完成! Horizen的这四个主要软件开发项目仍然需要资金注入,以保证能够继续进行。 完成后,Horizen 将完全成为由ZEN持有者掌控的,功能完备且可靠的隐私平台。 但我们还没有完成这个目标, 因为我们需要更多资金用于开发和持续运营。 在开发的同时,我们还需要构建用户和商家的隐私生态系统,为他们提供指导性的文档和协助,以便他们使用ZEN平台。 减少矿工的奖励金额,并把财政部块奖励金额从10%增加到20%时,只是团队做出的一个艰难的选择。 变更后,矿工将获得60%的新区块奖励。 获得ZEN的其它渠道有安全/超级节点运营商,以及通过非营利机构Zen区块链基金会来获得财政部资金。 所有财政部资金都用于发展和改善项目。 此更改将在2019年1月的下一次强制性软件升级中生效。 有史以来,以比特币为模型的区块奖励主要用于两个目的: 一个是激励人们运行工作证明系统,以提供哈希率来保护网络;另一个是在项目启动时,向矿工分发新的加密货币以便让尽可能多的人,让他们了解和支持比特币网络– 除此之外,没有其他方法可以获得比特币。 人们可以通过多种渠道获得 ZEN。 今天,ZEN的大多数代币主要集中在加密货币交易所,从最初的ZEN被挖出,再上了交易所,任何想要ZEN的人都可以购买它。 Equihash 矿工对于保护 Horizen 网络非常重要,并且哈希算力用于解决出块奖励难题,使得区块链可以抵御51%的算力攻击。 Horizen 面临着许多威胁,此时资金不足而有可能造成无法持续开发和运营,这似乎比一个单一恶意矿工会造成的双花攻击更具威胁性。 我们的团队相信我们拥有健全的运营,开发和大众参与度,而加密货币的整体市场萧条是导致价格大幅下降的原因。 所有财政部资金将继续用于构建优秀产品,为用户提供应用程序、软件集成和支持以让他们参与到ZEN的生态中来。并以多样化工作方式,来引入新用户和合作伙伴。 当我们共同开发 Horizen 隐私生态系统时,我们将继续将 ZEN 带给最需要它的人,以帮助他们获得并维护他们的自由和自主权。 感谢您对团队的支持, 提前感谢您支持更改块奖励,以增加财政部资金的决定。 – Rolf Versluis (@blockops), 执行顾问兼联合创始人 关于作者: Rolf...

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  27. Thu December 13th, 2018
  28. ZenCash

    Horizen (ZEN) has officially joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative. Since Horizen launched 2017, we have consistently communicated a clear, ethical vision. We are dedicated to transparency and inclusion, which is why we are very excited to join Binance Info’s transparency initiative. By sharing project-related information such as news and progress...

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  29. ZenCash

    The Secure Node certificate check process (certcheck) is being updated to match Super Node logic. Currently for Secure Nodes, if the tracking server cannot establish a TLS connection to zen running on a node, it will check TLS peer connections from other nodes to see if they have a connection to...

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  30. Wed December 12th, 2018
  31. ZenCash

    There is so much work that the Horizen community and team has already done toward building a successful cryptocurrency project! From the very beginning the Treasury funds have been spent on software development, research projects, team development, and user engagement to bring to the world a unique creation. Much of...

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  32. Tue December 11th, 2018
  33. ZenCash

    It’s no surprise that the entire crypto industry has been had a terrible 2018, at least from the market side of things. Both total crypto market capitalization and ZEN market cap are down about 90% from the start of the year.While the sky looks to be falling, we’ve made tremendous...

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  34. Mon December 10th, 2018
  35. Info COSS

    And we are GO for launch in T -3 hours!

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  36. Fri December 7th, 2018
  37. ZenCash

    HORIZEN 核心团队每月会在YOUTUBE频道上会面向公众直播汇报近一个月的工作进展和成果。HORIZEN 每月更新汇报的目的是将我们的工作进程更透明化,及时向社区和用户们提供最新资讯的方式之一,并在公开的平台上接受社区用户对项目进展的追踪和监督。 以下是12月5日的双周直播内容: Click to view slideshow. 以下是直播视频 下一次Horizen月度更新直播的时间是: 北京时间1月6日,周日,凌晨2点 美国东部时间1月5日,周六,下午1点 直播地址:Horizen YouTube频道 加入中文电报社区群 加入中文电报新闻通告群 关注中文官方推特 加入HORIZEN知识星球  关注HORIZEN今日头条 加入中文Discord 扫一扫二维码申请进入HORIZEN微信社区群

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  38. Thu December 6th, 2018
  39. BeInCrypto

    Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust is entering the last month of the year on a high, at least in terms of Bitcoin holdings.

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  40. Wed December 5th, 2018
  41. KryptoMoney

    According to Autonomous Research LLP. Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC, at least 100,000 individual miners have shut down and around 1.4 million servers have been unplugged since early September.

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  42. Tue December 4th, 2018
  43. AMBCrypto

    Bitfury, a blockchain technology service company, recently announced that they would be partnering with a payment services company known as Paytomat. This partnership is focused on bringing payments on the Lightning Network to Paytomat’s wallet and merchant apps. The Lightning Network has long been called unfinished and not a suitable...

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  44. Bitcoinist + 2 more

    Vertcoin has been experiencing ongoing 51% attacks, reportedly resulting in $100K of double spending on the network.  Rough Couple of Months for Vertcoin Vertcoin has been experiencing ongoing 51% attacks, reportedly resulting in $100K of double spending on the network. 

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  45. Fri November 30th, 2018
  46. OracleTimes

    Dash (DASH) – One of the major things impeding the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is hack, and this is beginning to give people the perception

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  47. Thu November 29th, 2018
  48. AMBCrypto

    Tone Vays, a Bitcoin [BTC] maximalist and influencer, recently appeared at Blockshow Asia on a panel to speak about the ICO market. Over the course of the discussion, he spoke about how ICOs were not “revolutionary”, stating that they were a way to “get around the regulatory space”. When asked...

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  49. ZenCash

    Horizen and Cripto Conserje Team Up to Help Communities in need and battle the refugee crisis in Latin America. One of our greatest values as a company is building a better world for everyone. Horizen has recently partnered with Cripto Conserje, a Latin American group dedicated to helping people in need...

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  50. Wed November 28th, 2018
  51. Blockspoint

    We’re delighted to be partnering with the Crypto Investor Show for it’s next shows in Manchester on the 18th and 19th January and in London on the 1st and 2nd of March 2019.

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  52. Mon November 26th, 2018
  53. Benzinga

    SECAUCUS, N.J., Nov. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Asset Custody Company ("DACC"), a leading cryptocurrency custody solution purpose-built for institutional investors...

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  54. Fri November 23rd, 2018
  55. ZenCash

    At Horizen, we believe that contributing to altcoins is the best way to help improve Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general. Some would say that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency worth contributing to, but we wholeheartedly disagree.

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  56. Mon November 19th, 2018
  57. ZenCash

    Horizen is pleased to announce that ZEN is now integrated with the NetCents Point of Sale system. NetCents provides merchants with low fees, fast processing time, and protection against price volatility.

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  58. Fri November 16th, 2018
  59. BitcoinNews

    Bitcoin Press Release: Top eCommerce company MonetaryUnit has recorded substantial value rise in its digital $MUE token. The rise has been attributed to the fast adoption of its growing service, which now allows online buyers to use over 40 cryptocurrencies to purchase good with. 8th November 2018, London, UK –...

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  60. Thu November 15th, 2018
  61. ZenCash

    Horizen is excited to announce our partnership with Cointigo. Send ZEN from your phone, anywhere on Earth, with or without internet access.

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  62. CoinScribble

    Star Wars is a compelling story about a little kid called Anakin Skywalker. Branded ‘the Chosen One’, Anakin is the saga’s messiah who holds great promis

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  63. Sat November 10th, 2018
  64. ZenCash

    Attention all SECURE NODE Operators:The Horizen engineering team will upgrade the SECURE NODE servers and tracker system from 17 Nov 3pm UTC to 18 Nov 11pm UTC in an effort to continuously improve our systems in operations. This notice is ONLY applicable to the SECURE NODE system.

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  65. Fri November 9th, 2018
  66. ZenCash

    Horizen wants to make storing and using ZEN as easy as possible. Our goal is to bring cryptocurrency to the mass market, which requires secure storage and simple transaction options. Today we are proud to announce another easy and secure way to store and transact your ZEN - introducing Cool...

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  67. Masternode Buzz

    This week's interview is with Rob Viglione, co-founder of Horizen (formerly ZenCash). Rob is a former physicist and mathematician with experience working on Bitshares, BlockPay, Zclassic, Seasteading and Bitgate. As a PhD Candidate in Finance, his research interests span cryptofinance, venture capital, and asset pricing. His goal with Horizen is

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    Trezor, the cryptocurrency hardware wallet brand from Satoshi Labs, has launched a firmware update for their Model One and Model T cryptocurrency wallet which has added support for Monero, Cardano, Stellar, Ripple, Tezos, Decred, Groestlcoin, Lisk, and Zencash, the company announced in a blog post on November 7, 2018. Updates…

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