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  1. Sat July 20th, 2019
  2. CryptoSlate

    The research arm of Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, has published a report that analyzes the results of a survey completed by institutional digital asset investors. According to the report,  Binance’s surveyed over 100 institutional and VIP clients. Survey results cannot be generalized due to the small...

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  3. Fri July 19th, 2019
  4. CoinSpeaker

    Ben Mezrich, the author of “Bitcoin Billionaires,” thinks that Libra would have had a much better shot if Facebook wasn’t at the wheel. He thinks that Amazon could pull this off because people trust it.

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  5. Thu July 18th, 2019
  6. OKEx Blog

    Here’s everything you shouldn’t miss about OKEx this week

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  7. Wed July 17th, 2019
  8. Crypto-News India

    It wasn’t a good day yesterday for cryptocurrencies. On one hand the alleged draft of cryptocurrency banning bill was leaked, and on the other hand US Trea

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  9. Thu July 4th, 2019
  10. ZyCrypto

    2019 is the year of decentralized finance. The #DeFi movement was still in its fledgling stage at the end of 2018, but in the wake of the

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  11. Thu June 27th, 2019
  12. NewsBTC

    The calls for a Bitcoin correction have been getting stronger as the talk of altseason has also started to intensify recently.

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  13. Thu June 20th, 2019

    As a domain registry, Unstoppable Domains partnered with blockchain platform Zilliqa to offer users .zil domain names. Now Unstoppable Domains is setting up for a June 27 sale of some of its most popular domain names, including

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  15. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily Large-Cap Cryptocurrency Index improved to 33.59 on Wednesday from 33.16 on Tuesday, a +1.30% climb.

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  16. Wed June 19th, 2019

    Public blockchain platform Zilliqa (ZIL) has partnered with Singapore-based payments provider Xfers to explore the use of blockchain-based solutions in the digital payments space in Southeast Asia. This, according to a report by The Business Times, June 19, 2019. Making Payments More Efficient and Transparent The use of blockchain technology…

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  18. CryptoDaily

    The CryptoDaily Large-Cap Cryptocurrency Index fell to 33.16 on Tuesday from 34.08 on Monday, a 2.7% decline from the previous day.

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  19. CoinSpeaker

    Hybridverse’s Euro backed stablecoin is called Hybrid Euro (HEUR), and is being built on Zilliqa Blockchain that is first and only blockchain to implement sharding.

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  20. NewsBTC

    Crypto markets consolidating today; Bitcoin takes a breath, LTC back up,  XRP, EOS and Tezos retreating.

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  21. Tue June 18th, 2019
  22. CoinSpeaker + 2 more

    Public blockchain platform Zilliqa announced partnership with Xfers, a Singapore-based fintech startup, to explore the use of payment solutions powered by distributed ledger technology for over 500,000 users in Southeast Asia.

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  23. Mon June 17th, 2019
  24. Benzinga

    Unstoppable Domains, a software company building domains on blockchains, today announced which 60 .zil domains it will auction on June 27. These domains...

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  25. CoinSpeaker + 1 more

    There are 3 vertical markets Zilliqa wants to tackle: gaming, entertainment and financial services. While the company aims to become a competitor to the likes of Visa or Mastercard, there’re rumors over its links to Facebook.

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  26. Sat June 15th, 2019
  27. CoinSpeaker

    COR Index, an analytics platform devoted to tracking crypto market data in real time, has recently published its latest monthly report of key crypto exchange data. Here's the most interesting fluctuations.

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  28. Thu June 13th, 2019
  29. NewsBTC

    Marlin Protocol solution is sleek and simple, so much so that Binance Labs and key industry leaders such as Rogelio Choy have embraced the concept

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  30. Wed June 12th, 2019
  31. CryptoDaily

    Binance Labs has announced its investment backing of Marlin, a layer-zero scaling protocol. Marlin is also pleased to announce former BitTorrent CEO Rogelio Choy is joining the advisory board.

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  32. AMBCrypto

    Marlin, a scalability solution for decentralized web platforms, spearheaded by industry frontrunners from BitTorrent, Zilliqa, MIT, and Stanford, joins the Binance Labs Incubation Program San Francisco cohort, securing substantial investment from the social impact fund. Rogelio Choy, a former BitTorrent CEO, to join the Marlin advisory board. Marlin is thrilled...

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  33. Coindoo

    Binance's official non-custodial wallet app, Trust Wallet, revealed that from now on it will allow users to send, receive and store Zilliqa (ZIL) coins.

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  34. AMBCrypto

    Fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange has recently attracted yet another slew of investments, this time from influential blockchain investment institutions Genesis Capital and FBG Capital. Crypto fund Genesis Capital’s purported mission of discovering and supporting early-stage projects with the most potential is particularly apt in the case of In under...

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  35. Tue June 11th, 2019
  36. Wimplo

    Amrit Kumar, President, and Chief Scientific Officer, Zilliqa announced the launch of smart contracts on the Zilliqa platform. This development was on 10 June. Amrit headlined that this offer marks…

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  37. Mon June 10th, 2019

    Throughout 2019, Zilliqa has launched its mainnet and allowed transactions on its blockchain. Now the network will allow developers to deploy amendable executable distributed code contracts (aka

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  39. UseTheBitcoin

    Zilliqa has just announced that it has enabled the first-ever smart contract platform built on sharding.

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  40. Coindoo

    Today, the first smart contract has been launched on the Zilliqa platform, a blockchain developed by the National University of Singapore.

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  41. CoinDesk + 3 more
  42. Sat June 8th, 2019
  43. KryptoMoney

    The Cryptocurrency markets saw a slight correction this week, let's see how the week was for cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. 

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  44. Tue June 4th, 2019
  45. Chepicap

    On a day that Bitcoin and with it the whole cryptocurrency market is in red, Zilliqa seems to have entered its bullish phase. Is this just a false rally for $ZIL, that is trading 88% below its all-time high, or is this the first impulse wave for the Elliott Wave...

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  46. CODEX Digest

    The bear market seems over, and many companies that have successfully made through the storm are presenting their new ideas and solutions.The cryptocurrencies were always considered as high-risk digital assets which tend to bring money or make people lose almost all. And regardless of the fact, that the last year...

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  47. Chepicap

    Zilliqa managed to hold onto earlier gains on Tuesday, following a massive drop in Bitcoin price, which saw majority of the market in red on the day.

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  48. Mon June 3rd, 2019
  49. Bitcoinist + 9 more
  50. Mon May 27th, 2019
  51. kucoinexchange

    KuCoin NewsIntroducing the Coti Token Sale on KuCoin Spotlight’s Super Competition and win 1000 KCS and 450,000 PXG! will always be the People’s Exchange for our users. Thanks for your support! & PromosNUSD Net Buying Competition: 15,000 NUSD to Give Away! the Neutral Dollar (NUSD) Follow and Retweet Competition (ATOM) Deposit...

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  52. Sat May 11th, 2019

    How do you scale a blockchain so that it can process hundreds or even thousands of transactions per second – but without compromising on decentralization? How do you scale a blockchain so that it can process hundreds or even thousands of transactions per second?

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  54. Fri May 10th, 2019
  55. ZyCrypto

    The day began with a bearish outlook. Whereby, traders pushed down the price momentum to close to $0.006302 (A). Later on, the RSI (X) is

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  56. Tue May 7th, 2019
  57. Crypto Maniaks

    The big boys are confirming what we crypto maniaks have known for a long time now -- blockchain is incredibly useful. Case in point: PepsiCo conducted a blockchain trial on its supply chain.

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  58. TheCcPress

    Food and beverage company PepsiCo has conducted a successful blockchain pilot which saw an increase of 28 percent in supply chain efficiency.

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  59. Mon May 6th, 2019
  60. BitcoinNews

    Global marketing company Mindshare has launched a trial smart contract campaign with PepsiCo, through the Project Proton blockchain programmatic alliance, and recorded a 28% increase in efficiency. The trial was conducted last March in Asia Pacific involving viewable impressions on two campaigns: one with smart contracts and one without. Other...

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  61. Chepicap

    The codenamed Project Proton has been working on a test campaign with PepsiCo, with savings for the firm amounting up to a 28% thanks to these smart contracts.

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  62. CoinDesk

    Beverage giant PepsiCo saw an almost 30 percent increase in efficiency during a supply chain trial using Zilliqa’s blockchain platform.

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  63. BTCWires + 5 more

    A Mindshare-powered blockchain programmatic alliance 'Project Proton' has recently launched a test campaign for its blockchain with PepsiCo. The test was successful and it drove 28% efficiency lift by using smart contracts. The test, ran in March 2019 in the Asia Pacific, was focused on viewable impressions, while running two…

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