Genesis Ecology Announces Its Blockchain Network That Makes Bitcoin and Existing Blockchain Networks Seem Redundant

The blockchain and cryptocurrency are an undeniably clever invention – the brainchild of a person or group of people known by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. But since then, it has evolved into something greater. The community welcomed new technology and it must never stop. It continues to develop, in fact, we’re already embracing the new buzz ‘Blockchain 3.0.’ Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies have mainly been used for trading. However, the core idea was for them to act as a replacement of the traditional financial systems, mainly to decentralize finance by eliminating the role of centralized financial institutions, while also ensuring seamless, faster and safer transactions. Yet, considering the complications involved in buying, selling and spending cryptocurrencies, arguably, they have further complicated the process. The Genesis Ecology is an open-source project which developed a new Blockchain system that is according to its Whitepaper, will create a complete decentralized economy while solving the issues of acceptability, security, and scalability, and given its blockchain network that can support throughput of over 15,000 transactions per second, it has the potential to make Bitcoin and Ethereum networks look slightly backward. Genesis Ecology strongly believes in the value of blockchain, and it lies in the establishment of a sustainable economic model for the real economy. Genesis Ecology takes the decentralized multi-chain wallet as the ecological basis, derives and incubates a number of decentralized industrial applications, creates a closed loop of ecological value, and opens the user port with DAPP as the port to create an open, shared and win-win ecological economy of the blockchain. Project GE offers a new generation blockchain 3.0 network that takes DAPP as the entrance, super-intelligence contract as the guarantee to build a global value network, to build a global, industry-wide eco-economic cluster. It changes the single-layer architecture design of the basic public chain and creates a truly decentralized DEFI financial platform. Developers can use diversified decentralized financial DEFI based on GE multi-chain wallet, including ETH, EOS, TRX, and GE public chain DAPP ecosystem, and Genesis Ecology can provide a high-quality and reliable protection mechanism for these defi-dApps. Genesis Ecological Wallet extensively uses blockchain and financial technology to optimize the entire asset management ecology. Compared with the traditional open-source public-chain networks, Genesis has the characteristics of being more seamless to deploy, easier to integrate to your existing businesses, and has the scalability features which makes it a perfect contender for tokenization of assets and real-life industry applications. GE Blockchain list data structure guarantees the security, reliability, credibility, and immutability of the data. Genesis Ecology system design supports the configuration of multiple P2P protocols, communication mechanisms, and serialization mechanisms, and uses flexible protocols according to the needs of different scenarios. In terms of communication security, it can flexibly support secure communication protocols such as HTTPS, TLS, and WS (Secure Websockets). On the need to establish a platform application external service interface, it can extend the support of OAuth authentication integration. A recent report released by Yahoo Finance says that the GE public chain has a dual-layer design, taking into account efficiency and security, and is a new generation of innovative products. GE uses its strong scalability to achieve cross-chain bridging and make cross-chain transactions unimpeded. GEDEX’s decentralized exchange has the powerful function of one-click flash, one-click node diversification of assets. The Genesis Ecology smart contract is fully compatible with the Ethereum Ecology 2.0 development mechanism and is also compatible with the Libra ecological MOVE contract. GE whitepaper also plans of creating a new era of the super public chain, and inviting everyone to join when they sweep all the unprecedented trends of the GE singularity exchange around the world. Are you ready to bloom and to invest in a potential project that outclasses traditional crypto blockchain networks? Visit their website to know more!
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